Dosa Deli

Branding for London-based street food business

Dosa Deli logo
Amy and Kristian asked me to come up with a brand for their new Street Food enterprise. The concept for the business is to blend a popular Indian street food with British tastes.

We went initially through a naming process and, although we settled on the first idea they had, it was a laugh coming up with names over a few very lovely beers (Kristian is also a mighty brewer). They gave me some photos from their travels in India and, from these, I worked up a few concepts using a hand drawn feel to match their homemade approach to the actual food stall.

I added the tuk tuk onto the holding page to bring it to life and I'm happy to say they loved it.

This was a fun project and Amy and Kristian were a pleasure to work with.
Dosa Deli with hand painted texture
Silly little Tuk Tuk sketch
Some sticker designs. The client went with the yellow version.

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