Building from the doo doo to the do do

Building from the doo doo to the do do

September seemed to go by in the blinking of an eye. After a couple of quieter months spent setting the business up, I took on all the work on I could and luckily I worked every single day.

During that month, I launched my website, designed some property branding and developed supporting assets, set up a PPC campaign, designed an interactive brochure for an overseas event, coded some html pages and ended the month working on a live art event at an exhibition in Houston, Texas.

This sudden influx of work led me to think about how freelancers handle projects when working alone.

It’s easy to become quickly overwhelmed and it’s very difficult to regulate the flow and ebb of work coming into a one-person studio. You’re doing a lot of plate spinning.

One moment you might be working on a live project, while simultaneously quoting and lining up potential new work, as well as dealing with day-to-day requests from existing clients. The next moment you might not have anything on and the gnawing panic begins. That 5am lying awake thinking “oh no, where’s the next project coming from?” kind of panic.

It’s that feeling that pushes us to self promote, contact existing clients and look to getting new clients. Many freelancers I’ve spoken to share similar stories about the cyclical boom and bust effect. Please feel free to leave your own thoughts in the comments below.

I took all the work on I could in September because theoretically it now allows me to be a bit more picky with projects in October. I can work on things that I’ll be proud to put in my portfolio and I can work on my side projects too. But soon enough the need to make money will start that gnawing panic and I will be on the prowl for new clients and new work.


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