Your website is not a temple

Your website is not a temple

Temples dominate the landscape around Agrigento in the south of Sicily. The Greeks, and then the Romans, came and built temples to their Gods.

It’s a place of great beauty. It’s also a place of ghosts.

The temples are beautiful empty edifices overlooking the sea. Some still stand almost complete, while others are reduced to piles of stone where they fell over time, scattered among the wild fennel.

Today these temples are loved for their mystery and their beauty in decay. No one really knows what they contained when they were living buildings. The priests are gone, and surviving contents are in museums, the paint has vanished from the stone. The meaning has gone. Only the aesthetics remain.

Business owners can take something from the story of these temples. Sometimes we forget what it is that we’re creating when building websites. We end up building temples, rather than living, working places. We end up building websites where visitors wander from page to page, wide-eyed at the beautiful thing you’ve created, but wondering if any of it actually means anything.

Fill your website with relevant, living information. Content that engages visitors, encourages them to respond to your branding and messaging and carry out tasks like filling out forms and picking up the phone.

A designer is the perfect partner to help you make that content look beautiful. But it’s the content that you, as a business owner, should be focusing on. Remember that you’re not the intended visitor of your website. Remember who your audience actually is.

Don’t let your website become a pretty looking temple. Keep it alive.


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