Starting afresh

Starting afresh

If I’ve learned anything over the last 8 years, it’s that nothing stays the same. I started my previous company, Soda, as a business making art prints in 2005 and it ended up being a creative agency for property marketing. A lot of stuff happened in between, some of it bad, most of it good.

Soda is now in safe hands. Its new owners are an ambitious and successful agency in their own right and their clients are in the industries Soda appeals to. It was a perfect time for me to sign off and try something new.

So here I am, the smell of fresh paint in my nostrils once more (that’s only six office moves since 2005), starting another business. What are my expectations? I don’t know at the moment. What I do know is that I’m pretty relaxed about it. I’m not going to rush into things. I am taking each day one step at a time.

Jonathan Elliman Design is just me. I will be offering general graphic design and web design services directly to businesses, as well as helping them with their copy. I don’t really want to sit in other agencies all day, what I’d call proper freelancing, but I’ll have to see how things grow.

I am also using the business as a foundation for trying out a series of side projects. The first of these is Ellipress. It’s in early development at the moment and I’ll post more about it as time goes on. There’s never been a better time to self publish and I want to explore the medium and the technology behind some of the platforms out there. I’ve got a lot of experience in large format printing from my time as a sign-maker, and I love making things so let’s see what happens. Nothing stays the same.

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